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MOJO does Melbourne

Posted: 06 June 2016 By Teage Ezard

Luke Mangan is bringing four of the Melbourne's best chefs to Sydney for one night.

It’s easy to forget Luke Mangan was born and bred in Melbourne, he’s been in Sydney for so long. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

“It’s the laneway cafes and the coffee culture. Melbourne has an old-school charm but is still very modern. Melbourne is more European; Sydney on the water has a different feel,” he says.

Mangan is bringing four Melbourne chef friends to Sydney for an intimate one-night dinner, where guests will have a four-course tour of some of Melbourne’s favourite eateries.

Along with renowned chefs Adrian Li, Guy Grossi and Jake Kellie, Teage will join Luke at his huge warehouse restaurant MOJO. Luke says the high ceilings, industrial feel and graffiti wall are ideal for replicating the grungy feel of the Melbourne streets.

Guests will be greeted with canapés and cocktails, which will also feature another Melbourne favourite – Four Pillars Gin – and a range of Victorian wines to accompany each course.

The four-course dinner will be held on June 28 at 6.30pm at MOJO. Tickets are $160 and can be purchased here. Article paraphrased from Broadsheet Sydney.

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