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Good Food Guide Awards-2 Hats is Just the Start!

Posted: 13 September 2016 By Teage Ezard

Announced last night at the Good Food Guide, ezard has retained its 2 hats, a coveted title it has maintained since its first year. Said the guide, 'the focus on Asian flavours rendered with skillful European technique remains, as do classic Ezard dishes that are as much part of Melbourne culture as trams and Friday night footy...Whether it's business, pre-theatre or romance, this basement stayer has it covered.'

Casting our attention to the Yarra Valley, ezard at Levantine Hill has not only obtained a hat, but the People's Choice award as well, all within its first year of operation. Noting that ezard at Levantine Hill is a 'comforting escape' from the free-form dining currently gripping Melbourne, the guide goes on to praise the 'smart collaboration' between Chef Aaron Duffy, overseen by Teage Ezard, and in particular highlights degustations that 'delight the eyes and nourish the soul.'

The care and commitment with which ezard treats all aspects of food was also recognised, with a place in the Top 10 Vegan Menus. ‘FOMO isn’t an option…where an eight-course vegan degustation matches the carnivore’s menu blow for blow. In place of signature chili-caramel pork hock, try caramelised eggplant with tomato and lime salad and yellow curry dressing.’

In addition, ezard Head Chef Jarrod DiBlasi was also recognised as Young Chef of the Year, making it an all-round clean sweep for Teage and ezard coming into 2017.

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