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The New Era of EZARD

Posted: 07 May 2017 By Teage Ezard

2017 is the year EZARD enters its next phase. After extensive refurbishments and a modern new brand identity, Good Food's Dani Valent gives the new menu direction a her nod of approval.

'The pork hock is gone. The sticky, spicy caramelised pig's knuckle that's been an Ezard signature for 16 of the restaurant's 18 years made its last trot to the dining room in December. The hock's departure is symbolic of a shift at this Melbourne fine-dining institution.

Chef and owner Teage Ezard, a modern Australian pioneer, has loosened his hold on the menu and head chef Jarrod Di Blasi (The Age Good Food Guide's 2017 Young Chef of the Year) is pushing through a respectful but determined next-generation version of the Ezard style. It's working.

The menu is more concise and focused, the flavours are refined and the presentation is pretty but purposeful. There's more to come: the restaurant is part-way through a rebrand and refurbishment aimed to make the long basement dining room warmer and more inviting.'


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