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2 Hats Since 2000

Posted: 17 October 2017 By Teage Ezard

Once again, the Good Food Guide has awarded EZARD 2 hats, a status it has maintained (and at times, exceeded) proudly since 2000.

Sure cooking and accomplished, well-choreographed service come with the territory in this laneway basement. It's a place for romance, for celebration and, well, fun. Spruced up and ready for action. EZARD invites fine dining memories while moving with the times.

Here, that means progressively stronger Japanese and Chinese flavours. Three stunning steamed scallop dumplings are lifted by Sichuan chilli oil and glistening soy-mirin broth, while a traditionally rolled and roasted quail moves in with a savoury pancake and chilli cashews.

Even a perfectly patriotic crisped-up barramundi nods to Tokyo, playing among smoked tofu and a veloute
made from chrysanthemum greens. Duck is prepared Chinese-style with lotus root and fermented chilli, and served with pure Melbourne panache.

Here, waitstaff are helpful while keeping perfect time. Dessert might return to elegant classics of decades past. Try layered honey crunch ice­ cream spheres assembled between toasted gingerbread squares inside a sugar swirl. It's that perfect marriage of East meets West meets old meets new that keeps everyone on their toes.

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