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  • Teage's Christmas Tips

    02 December 2016 By Teage Ezard

    Ever wondered what Christmas day is like at home with Chef Teage? Read on!

  • Chinese Master Stock and Red Roasting

    29 August 2013 By Teage Ezard

    Teage Ezard reveals his master stock recipe and offers a few pro tips for getting the most out of your stock.

  • Life, Love and Lobster on Tuesdays

    17 April 2013 By Teage Ezard

    This is the recipe featured in Graeme Simsion’s international bestseller, The Rosie Project. The hero, Don Tillman, a genetics professor somewhere on the autism spectrum, has invented a “Standardised Meal System” to maximise quality and nutrition while minimising shopping time and waste. Tuesday evenings he cooks this crayfish, mango and avocado salad – and it’s what he has scheduled when the feisty and disorganised Rosie crashes his one-man dinner party.

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